There are so many difficulties for us to cope with. I have focused on the fashion design seriously since last year, but the future of fashion design is not as well as other fields. Also, for the true longing about our future, there are more problems which are the language barrier waiting for me to overcome, differences between our possible locations for work, and a chance that you may leave me forever because we are now having the geological barrier. It is too much to worry about, so I have to leave them here by writing this article. There is nothing more than the fear about the future that can destroy one person's courage to fight for the dream. I have had that fear from time to time since I no longer felt that I was strong enough to win the game in this world. I am 26 now, so I felt that it seems to have no more time to fool around. All I have to do is focus on what I have and what will I get with my conditions right now. The fear and the worry need to be laid here until I can face them one by one.

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Those words in my head.

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